Surrender Process/Fees

If you wish to surrender your animal, please complete the intake form.

Due to the high demand for intake and the limited availability of fosters we may not be able to take your animal into our rescue at the time you apply. This application does not guarantee acceptance however, we will do our best to assist you with resources to help.

Intake Fees:
Cat/Kitten (Over 3 months) $50
Kitten (Under 3 months) $25
Kitten (Under 3 months) Full Litter $50
Small Dog/Puppy Breeds $50

This intake fee is due at the time of acceptance and surrender. This fee helps to offset just a small portion of the costs for vet bills, spay/neuter, microchip, tests and shots needed to prepare for adoption. It also helps cover basic care expenses that are incurred until adoption.

Additional donations to help cover costs is always appreciated as we do not receive any government assistance or grants.