Shoe Drive

AZ RAIN is Partnering with Funds2Orgs

Funds2Orgs is a for-profit social enterprise. The core of its business model is shoe drive fundraisers. The other components are providing an economic opportunity for workers in developing nations and helping the environment. Funds2Orgs provides organizations and individuals in North America with creative fundraising ideas.

Funds2Orgs has worked with animal shelters and rescue organizations to help them raise money with a new currency––gently worn, used and new shoes. Practically anyone can support this RAIN fundraiser. The more shoes we collect, the bigger the check issued to RAIN by Funds2Orgs.

Team members from Funds2Orgs have traveled to developing nations to see micro-entrepreneurs in action. Micro-entrepreneurs set up small businesses. Because of systemic poverty in many developing countries around the world, working age adults have to create their own economic opportunities. The shoes you collect serve as a philanthropic bridge to give people a hand-up and work opportunity, rather than just a hand-out. Micro-entrepreneurs set up small businesses. They sell the shoes you gather in their communities, which creates business and commerce opportunities leading to sustainability.

How it Works

1. Go through your closet, garage, attic, and kids’ rooms to find all gently worn, used and new shoes.
2. Throw ’em in a bag.
3. Drop them off at PetSmart in Ahwatukee or Chandler on Adoption Saturdays (If they won’t fit in your car, contact us at and will help you!) You can also bring you shoes to Aloha Yoga & Hula at Rural and Ray in Chandler.
When we reach our goal, AZ RAIN will receive a check!