Mariko is a female, 8 year old, DSH silver tabby

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Animal Description

Mariko is loving cat, and adores personal attention. Nothing makes her happier than being carried, cuddled, and loads of pets. Despite being happy to lounge in a lap for hours, she is very playful and enjoys hiding games and tag. Anything plush or soft gives her great comfort, and she can often be found nesting in a fluffy blanket or sweater, assuming she isn’t following you everywhere.

She doesn’t like extreme weather, and gets nervous with thunderstorms or other loud events. During these times, she will seek the comfort of others, so some pets and affirming noises will soothe her greatly. Mariko also does not enjoy heavy winds or air; fans (such as box or standing fans, not AC/heat) or even blowing air quickly and repeatedly will put her off, it doesn’t even need to be directed at her.

While initially dubious of new people, once she understands you, you will have a loyal companion who is capable of unconditional love.

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