Bailey is a Female, 6 year old, DMH Grey Cat

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Animal Description

Hi! This is Bailey! She came to me Thanksgiving evening 2017, at one of my feeding stations outside at my Apt complex. . She tried to eat, but was having difficulties. I was able to pick her up, carry her to me bathroom and schedule a vet appointment.

Bailey had severe stomatitis. All her teeth have been pulled.
Ten weeks later, she’s recovered, eats dry and wet food, with no teeth! I think she’s doesn’t see well out of her left eye, but is fine seeing out of her right eye. She walks fine and beginning to jump up onto my couch with no problems.
The Vet thinks she’s about 6 yrs old, has spent most of her life fighting off other outside cats outside. One of the maintenance men, told me she was always alone, and lived under a bush, even in the heat of summer.
She has tested negative for FeLV and FIV Dec 2017 .
She loves to sleep in her own kitty bed. She likes to come out of the bathroom to roam. When she hears my voice, she comes to me.
I believe she needs a nice peaceful life now. To be adored as she should have been the first six years of her life. Its not fair to Bailey to live with all my other cats and not feel safe. This is the reason I’m hoping to find a wonderful home for Miss Bailey
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