It’s Official: We Need Your Shoes!

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched a new two-month fundraising program!!

We are partnering with Funds2Orgs to bring gently used and new shoes to developing nations and communities around the world. We collect the shoes, Funds2Orgs takes them from us and brings them to individuals in other nations to help them set up their own businesses selling shoes.

We have a goal of at least 2500 shoes to collect before the end of August.

We know this sounds like a LOT of shoes, but with your help it is really attainable!! We all know we have a pair or two (or ten!!) in our closets that we never wear. So, we are challenging our RAIN family to collect 25 pairs of shoes each from their friends, families, co-workers, etc. and bring them to us!

Collecting 2500 shoes will result in a $1000 donation to RAIN Rescue to help us save more animals in our community.

Shoes can be dropped off at any of our three PetSmart locations or contact us for other drop off options!

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