Found a Dog


If you find a dog, assume that it’s owned, and someone is looking for it.

Check the pet for tags and call the phone number on the tag. 

Take the dog to a local vet and check for a microchip

Ask in the area where the dog was found and see if neighbors recognize the dog and know the owners.

Contact the county animal control and give them a description of the pet and your contact info.

Contact local vets and emergency vet clinics, and give them a description of the dog and your contact info in case someone calls looking for the dog.

  • List the dog under “lost and found” on
  • List the dog under “lost and found” on
  • Post Found dogs on


Make and post flyers in the area.

You may consider withholding a distinguishing mark of the dog in your postings and flyers to be certain that the person claiming the dog can confirm and identify it. You could also ask them to show or send you a picture to prove ownership.

If you use social networking sites like Twitter, myspace, or Facebook, post a picture and description of the found dog with your contact info and ask your friends to pass it on.

If you’ve taken the dog into your home and are trying to find the owner but know you can’t keep it, contact a no-kill rescue or shelter and get on their waiting lists. Shelters and rescues are always full, but if you plan ahead and start contacting some groups, you’ll have better prospects of finding the lost pet a spot if the owner doesn’t come forward

In addition, see if the dog is infested with fleas, and if your other dogs aren’t fully vaccinated or are immune-suppressed, you may want to keep the found dog isolated for a few days, so you can be sure he’s not sick with a transmissible illness.