Chalen was born on April 14th, 2008. She got her name because she was born “challenged”.

Her mother Cleo came to the group very pregnant and was suffering from malnutrition. We immediately noticed Chalen’s twisted front legs. She was taken to a specialist in Gilbert to see if her condition was treatable and she was diagnosed with Agenesis of the Radial Bone in both front legs: a birth defect. The bones had formed in her front forelegs but the cartilage had not. We were informed Chalen would need to be reassessed when she was six months old and given an estimate on surgery to straighten her legs. The surgery was expensive! Much too expensive for the rescue to cover out of our normal funds.

Chalen started going to Petsmart on weekends while we were doing adoptions to raise funds for her evaluation and possible surgery at six months old. She is a very social cat and acquired quite a following, and she raised the funds she needed plus some… She enjoyed the attention she got from everyone and started to look forward to going each week. Chalen got quite the following with the people who came in weekly, bringing smiles to their faces.

At six months Chalen was taken back to the specialist for a reassessment. The surgeon after examination and evaluation suggested not performing the surgery on her since she was well adjusted and could do everything a normal cat could do. They said the surgery would make things worse for her. The only difference is she walks on her forearms and not her paws.

Since the surgery was not going to take place, the funds that had been raised for Chalen’s surgery were put into a special, separate fund called “Chalen’s Challenge” that is now used to provide medical treatment and care for animals with expensive medical needs.

Chalen since then still goes to special events and Petsmarts on weekends as the group’s mascot and “Spokes Cat” and continues to enjoy meeting people.

There is never any shortage of animals that need expensive medical care surrendered to rescues!

Chalen challenges you to help give animals with disabilities and expensive medical needs a second chance! We can’t do it without you!   

You can donate using Paypal by clicking the paw below. If donating specifically for Chalen’s Challenge, please note this in “Add special instructions to the seller” field before submitting your donation.